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Indoor Air Quality Systems and Service in Jacksonville, FL

Indoor Air Quality Systems and Service in Jacksonville, FL

Indoor Air Quality Systems and Service in Jacksonville, FL

What is the single most important component for a comfortable home?

YES! Indoor air quality plays a gigantic role in your family’s comfort levels, and health!

Clean air helps keep your heating and air conditioning system functioning cleaner, and more smoothly, as well.

Proper air filtration an area with humid summers, like Northern Florida, homeowners are focused on temperature control for their homes, but sometimes overlook the obvious cleanliness of their system. That is a vital service – far more than a luxury – and it’s very important to maintain your air conditioner purity and also keep it running smoothly, as well as the overall heating system for the winter.

get Your Air Quality Checked With FRee Inspection

Is your A/C smell musty or not working at all? 

Air Conditioning Units are working overtime, all the time. If your A/C system is beyond repair, we offer free estimates on replacements. We will work with you and your budget.

Look into Estes Heating and Air Inc “24/7 Emergency A/C Refrigeration Repair Service” to respond to clients needs 24/7Our job is to to come up with the perfect cooling solution for your business, home or office. We also offer new installations, or call us to upgrade their unit to a more efficient model.


We handle ductless systems and digital thermostats, that incorporate a range of custom maintenance plans offered that insures that your system is always working as it should.

This service lets us catch potential issues within your system before they become costly. For experts who are committed to excellence, contact us.

  • Two Visits Every Six Months (Summer/Winter)
  • Cleaning and Deodorize Evaporator Coil, and Clean Outdoor Coil.
  • Clean Drain Pan & Drain Line
  • Check ALL Controls, Components and Connections

Don’t wait until temperatures reach the triple digits to invest in a reliable air conditioning unit. If you’re having trouble with your system or simply need to invest in long term air conditioning services, call the professional HVAC technicians at Estes Heating and Air Inc. 

  • Check Refrigerant Levels R-22 & R410A, and System Operating Pressure
  • Check Filter(s) for Proper Sizing and Cleanliness
  • We provide a written statement on the condition of equipment on the invoice

Our experts understand the importance of accurate service, and we pledge to offer reliable maintenance and repair work on every job. Get a Free Air Conditioning Maintenance Quote Today. 

Indoor Air Quality Systems

Indoor air quality products have a lifespan, just like heaters, air conditioners and other appliances in your home. Begin with a quality installation, and make sure your new product works in perfect conjunction with your HVAC system.  Replace your filters, and service your ducts regularly.

Indoor Air Quality Systems

Estes technician can install, serv system the indoor air quality system and ensure that it is working exactly as it needs to, throughout the life of that system.

Maintenance of Air Quality Systems

Maintenance keeps it performing correctly and if you need a repair, we can service it right then.  Sometimes, maintenance isn’t enough, and if it comes time to replace your system, we will put in a brand new model that takes advantages of the latest technology’s. Just pick up the phone and call!

Semi-Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance

Semi-Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance

Better Energy Efficiency

Estes has regular maintenance servicing plans that help your air conditioning system run more efficiently (to produce cleaner air).

Often times air filters can get clogged, or dirty condenser coils cause air to smell grimy, or there might be other problems that are stressing your air conditioning system, which makes your system work harder to do its job…


Longer Operational Life

As with any household equipment, regular service totally extends the life of your operational systems. There’s a limit to how long any model is going to last, but the right amount of care and attention ensures that you’ll make the most of your air conditioning system. One faulty or malfunctioning part can lead to stress on other components. The sooner you service it, or even fix it, the better the system will operate overall.

Lower Overall Repair Costs

Air conditioning systems may look like it’s working normal, but – out of the blue – the entire system might stop working.

Now, there are costly emergency repairs, or you might need to replace the entire A/C system. All too often, these repairs could be managed or even avoided through routine service and maintenance.


Estes has a great service record with our maintenance plans. For starters, all Estes technicians have the proper training and credentials before they come to your home. Often times, dirty air conditioning, his uses up much more energy in your home. 

An dirty air conditioning system can increase your energy bill astronomically, leaving a much larger carbon footprint on the environment.  Routine maintenance service saves your energy bill… and maybe even your conscience.

We offer affordable and comprehensive maintenance plans that clean your air conditioning systems and make sure your heating and cooling system is properly functioning and maintained so your system will last a lifetime.  

  • Central air conditioning maintenance
  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Ductless systems
  • Digital thermostats

Estes maintenance programs give customers superior service at an affordable price, as well as discounted rates on repairs.

By the time we wrap up our visit, you’ll have all your questions answered regarding your heating and cooling system or wireless thermostat. 

  • 24/7 Service Calls
  • Central air conditioning
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Emergency air conditioning service
  • Air conditioning installation

Let us help you save money on your electric bill today, call us today and ask for the Estes Maintenance Plan now by calling: (904) 241-6727

We at Estes want to thank you for the opportunity to present this very important HVAC Maintenance Plan for your review and concurrence. Our Residential Plan (Semi-Annual two visits per year) is billed on the first visit.

Your Plan provides the following services:

  • * We clean and deodorize evaporator coil (inside), we also clean the outdoor coil.
  • *We clean the drain pan and the drain line
  • *We check refrigerant levels R-22 and R410A and system operating pressure.
  • *We check filter(s) for proper sizing and cleanliness
  • *Your plan also provides you with a 10% discount on replacement parts and locked in regular service call and labor rate for regular service and after hours calls. 
  • *We check all controls, components and connections
  • *We provide a written statement on the condition of equipment on the invoice

NOTE: Refrigerants, Parts and Filters will be supplied by Estes at an additional cost to the Plan.

The cost of your Plan for 1 HVAC Systems will be $159.00(giving customer grandfather in price) due on 1st  visit.

As mentioned above, refrigerant, parts and filters will be in addition to the basic

service quoted above. If you agree, please click on the approval button from email.

Maintenance contract will renew automatically, unless written notification is received 30 days prior to contract expiration.

Estes Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. State Certification: CAC056641