4 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your HVAC Unit

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4 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your HVAC Unit

No homeowner or business owner ever wants to replace an HVAC system. But if it’s not doing what it should to maintain your house’s temperature, it might be time for something new! Read through some signs that might indicate your system is on it’s last leg. Whether you need HVAC repair or to schedule installation of new equipment, you can trust the team at Estes Heating & Air Conditioning in Jacksonville.

An outdoor air conditioning unit.

Your AC Unit is Over 10 Years Old

An air conditioning unit can be expected to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, if you take proper care and perform routine maintenance. But once your AC unit hits that 10 year mark, you might notice your unit’s performance starting to decrease. This could look like uneven cooling in your home or business, loud noises while your system is operating, or parts that keep breaking.

Over time, it will save you time and money to start the installation process for a new AC unit!

An up close look at an air filter that is half dirty and half clean.

Your System is Over 15 Years Old

If your HVAC system has made it to 15 years, it might be time to schedule an installation for a new HVAC system. Over the years, technology improves and HVAC units become more efficient at doing their job. On top of that, the necessary parts to repair your system can become harder to purchase, making the repair process more challenging. If your current system is over 15 years old, there are many different benefits that come with upgrading your home or business to a new system.

An outdoor air conditioning unit that is dirty with leaves.

Uneven Heating or Cooling in the House

Have you noticed different rooms in your home have different temperatures, even though your thermostat is set to one uniform temperature? This could be a sign your HVAC system isn’t operating properly. An older unit will heat or cool your home inconsistently. It might be time to speak with an HVAC technician about scheduling an installation of a new HVAC unit!

Ventilation ducts running along a ceiling.

Loud Noises from Your System

You never want to hear loud noises coming from your HVAC system. This could indicate a variety of problems, including an issue with the fam motor, a broken motor, an impaired fan belt, and more. As soon as you hear a loud noise coming from your system, make sure you turn it off before calling our team to schedule a repair or replacement!

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Whether you are ready to upgrade your HVAC or it’s time for a replacement, start with Estes Heating & Air Conditioning in Jacksonville. Not sure if it’s time for a new system? Contact our team to schedule an inspection or with questions about your current HVAC system!

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