Four Ways to Prep Your AC For Summer

Four Ways to Prep Your AC For Summer

As spring begins to fade and temperatures creep higher and higher, summertime in Jacksonville is likely on your mind! Whether you’re looking forward to warm weather, fun activities, or simply having more free time, preparing for summer can be exciting, but is your home summer-ready? Prepare your Jacksonville home, air conditioning system, and unit with these tips from Estes Heating and Air!

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Clean Up For The Season

Cleaning off your air conditioning unit will not only help the unit run better and more efficiently, but it will also help to keep pollen, dander, and dust from gunking up your internal air filter. Before summertime, turn off your AC unit completely, open up the top, and hose down the interior sides of your AC unit to make sure dirt and dust are washed away. Don’t forget to wipe the blades of the fan, too.

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Replace Your Air Filter

Once the air from your AC unit is in your home, it is filtered so that you’re not breathing in the dust, pollen, or pollution from outside. Change your air filter before summertime so that it helps to keep your home cleaner and clearer of allergens, microbes, bacteria, and dirt.

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Check for Issues and Test the System

Before you start running your AC regularly for the summertime, check around the unit and the connections to your house and look for any leaks, obstructions, cracks, or other kinds of damage to the equipment. If you don’t see any physical damage, you can move on and test your AC to make sure there are no issues with running it, either. If you do notice any issues during your visual inspection or test, call our team for repairs and maintenance!

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Call Estes Heating and Air for Maintenance!

Of course, one of the easiest ways to ensure that your AC is ready for regular use in the heat of the summertime is to call the professionals! Our team is here to help with high-quality AC maintenance and repair services!


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