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What Is a SEER Rating

You probably already know that the energy efficiency of your air conditioner can help save you money every month and that it can also cool your home more efficiently, but did you know that a SEER rating is an indicator of that combined efficiency? SEER — standing for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio — is a useful rating standard that can help you make a more informed decision about the cooling unit that would best meet your needs, giving homeowners an easy way to compare different air conditioners when shopping for a replacement of their old AC unit. If you are considering upgrading your air conditioner, the SEER rating of new units is an important metric to keep in mind — as it is indicative of how much money and how efficiently the new air conditioner will be.

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SEER Rating In Detail

To be more specific, SEER is a number that is generated by the ratio of the cooling output of an AC unit over a typical cooling season, divided by the energy it uses in Watt-Hours. It is determined by simulating a typical season and generating a maximum efficiency rating based on that data. In that way, it is similar to the miles per gallon rating of your car — giving you the maximum efficiency rating, while, depending on the conditions, actual miles per gallon may be different.

Air conditioners on the market today range from 13 to 25 SEER. The higher that number, the more efficient the unit is and the more you’re likely to save on utility bills. Specifics about how much you will save depends on other factors as well as the energy efficiency of your AC unit. Factors such as the size of your home, what you pay per kilowatt-hour for electricity, and others all play a role.


Benefits of A Higher SEER Rating

Even a small increase in SEER rating — say, from 13 to 14, pays for itself after on average four years. With the average AC unit lasting fifteen years, that means you will be enjoying a return on your investment for the next 11 years — and that’s just for the most marginal improvement of SEER rating. That brings us to the first benefit of a higher SEER rating:

  1. A higher SEER rating is usually a wise investment

You can achieve greater savings in the long-run by getting a more energy efficient air conditioner.

Other benefits of investing in a high SEER rating air conditioner include:

  1. Lower energy bills

  2. Better air circulation

  3. Potential tax credits and rebates

  4. Higher property value

  5. More environmentally friendly

  6. Improved dehumidification performance (also helps with must smells and mold)

And the list goes on.

While there are higher up-front costs for higher SEER, you can expect much lower utility bills over time.

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When Should You Swap Out Your Current Air Conditioner?

Wondering when is the right time to replace your current air conditioner? Would it be worth the investment to get a new unit now, or are there other factors, such as an upcoming move, that make it not a worthwhile investment? While we can’t answer all the questions for you, we can help you get a clearer idea of how much you can save by upgrading to a higher SEER air conditioner. If your air conditioner is consistently unreliable, or your utility bills are far higher than you think they need to be, we strongly encourage you to reach out to our AC installation company to get a clearer picture of whether or not getting a new AC unit would be beneficial for you.

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